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When you think of the financial sector, “trust” isn’t the first word that comes to mind. Too often, big banks and self-interest stand in the way of what’s right for investors because their systems demand they manage billions of investment dollars at one time. Many outstanding investments are sold as private securities via offering memorandum. This requires more paperwork and so these institutions don’t go through the trouble of exposing them to their clientele. The objective of Harbour Park is to search for first class investments that carry less volatility than the stock markets in the real estate sector.

Since Harbour Park is a creation of the Goodman Family Office, we will not bring forward any investments in which the Goodmans would not invest in themselves. In effect, they invest their money right alongside the investors, so that our success and your success are one and the same. It’s an approach we’ve used for over fifty years, one that gives our investors great returns year after year.

  • Category – Real Estate
  • Min Investment – 10,000
  • Type – Units
  • Stage – Mature

Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust

  • "I'm very happy with my investment and I think I will keep investing with the company"

    Lucy Zhang, CA
  • "I was impressed, I'm a low-risk taker and I like the fact that Tri City has a fairly large pool of very small mortgages, they generally only lend about 300,000 dollars"

    Katherine Hammond, Retired
  • "I love the companies investment philosophy and the way the company treats the investors, the investors are number one"

    Shirley Shannon, CA

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