Tax-Sheltered Investment

Pension and Retirement Plans – RRSP and RRIF

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) and Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) may be personally directed by the owners of those plans. Many Canadians are setting aside their savings tax-sheltered plans for their retirement, and it is possible to not only set aside those funds to protect them from taxes, but also to grow those savings by investing with them.

Tax Free Savings Accounts

Whether managed by your bank, or directed by you, someone is investing and earning returns off those savings. By taking control of registered accounts, a savvy investor may take responsibility for the risks associated with investing but also may capture greater rewards and returns.

Education Plans

Grow your Registered Educational Savings Plan by investing in a registered fund like the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust. Investing with your RESP plan allows you to both save for the education of a loved one, and put those savings to work. Registered Education Savings Plan is a powerful way to relieve you of the sole burden of growing that plan yourself. Let’s figure out the best way to balance growth and savings together.

Referral Agreements

We pay referral fees of between 2-5% to members of the public who introduce us to investors who may be interested in mortgage-backed securities products like the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust. Speak with one of our licensed dealing representatives today for more details.

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