Our aim is to provide the general public education which leads to peace of mind about the type of investment opportunities we offer. Our licensed professionals are trained to explain in terms understandable to the average person why we favor mortgage and real estate investing.

Who We Are

Our team at Harbour Park Capital Partners has over 40 years combined experience in corporate finance and real estate.

Sandy Oh, BA, MA, MBA Dealing Representative

Mr. Oh brings together over 20 years of business experience in private and public companies to Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.

Michael Goodman Permitted Individual

Chairman and Founder of the Tri City Group and also the Permitted Individual of Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd. Mr. Goodman has spent more than 40 years involved in all facets of real estate development and provides the overall vision and leadership for the Tri City Group.

Janet Crawford, CPA Chief Compliance Officer and Dealing Representative

Janet Crawford is the Cheif Compliance Officer of Harbour Park Capital Partners.

Omar Lalani, M.Eng Ultimate Designated Person

Mr. Lalani has worked in the building and development industry since 2002 after he obtained an Engineering degree from McGill University. Following graduation, he worked as a draftsman and project manager for small to medium-sized developers, having managed infill developments and historic building renovations in Brooklyn and Berkeley. He obtained a Master of Engineering degree from McMaster University in 2007.

Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd has come about due to a change in governmental regulations in British Columbia Instituted by the British Columbia Securities Commissions. That change dictated that all securities have to now be sold via an exempt market dealer and their licensed dealing representatives. Prior to February 2019, organizations such as the Tri City Group were allowed to sell their securities directly to the public by using an offering memorandum. It is this change that brought about the creation of Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.

Hence our flagship product, the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust. While many stockbrokers and investment advisers will tell you they are looking after your best interests, the Monthly Income Mortgage Trust is run by the Goodman family and it is their idea of how to best look after their money, their friends’ and their families, that is at its core.

An Exempt Security means it’s exempt from issuing a prospectus which are very expensive documents to produce and are required by all public companies that care to list on the stock exchange. Other organizers of investments can issue a simpler form of disclosure document that is called an offering memorandum. And since it is exempt from issuing a prospectus, it is called exempt.

Thus, there are two ways for a firm to sell a security: either by prospectus, or via offering memorandum. Both are different ways of providing transparency for investors about the management, strategy, and structure of a securities offering. The prospectus is reviewed by the securities commission, while the offering memorandum is required to be true, and plain disclosure of the business venture but is not vetted. However, both require audits. Hence, Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd is an exempt market dealership because we specialize in selling securities products that use an offering memorandum rather than a prospectus.


    • We are passionate about sustainable real-estate investment.
    • Our goal is to promote the sale of mortgage-backed securities to the appropriate members of the general public. 
    • We aim to educate the public on the value of mortgage investing as a risk-minimization measure to protect the primary assets of an investor. 


Founded in 2018, Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd is an expansion in a new direction for the Tri City Group of Companies. As an exempt market dealership, we specialize in the sale of the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust, a mortgage mutual fund product specializing in low-risk, long-term capital growth.


    • We seek alternative investment strategies that minimize risk, demonstrate management expertise, and have a proven track record. For this reason we at Harbour Park Capital Partners believe that adding mortgages and real estate to an investment portfolio, either by oneself as a private lender, or by working with a mortgage mutual fund. 
    • Mortgage investing has the powerful advantage of registering on the property title itself. The government of British Colombia has a clear system for indicating ownership and layers of debt on property, of which we help our clients take full advantage of. 
    • Our business is built on trust. We always have real dealing representatives on hand to meet with clients, and never use automated artificial intelligence. At the heart of Vancouver’s financial district lies our physical office and is open all business hours for public inquiries. Our representatives are always available for your questions and concerns.
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