Investors Documents

Introductory Brochure

to the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust

Want to learn more about Tri City Group? Take a moment and read our introductory brochure.

Tri City Term Sheet

Enquire today for more details

Want more info about our terms? Please read our term sheet to find out if Tri City Group is a good fit for you and your investments today.

Investor Letter

We offer stable, monthly returns

Take a look at this investor letter for the Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust, written by our Director and President Sandy Oh.

About Mortgage Trusts

We provide superior yields

Units in the Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust can be purchased directly through Tri City Fund Management, please inquire today.

Consistent Yields

and Preservation of Capital

The minimum contribution is $10,000. Units are sold in increments of 10 units at $1,000 per unit. Contact us to learn more today.

Investor Package

We provide superior yields

To learn more and see how investing with us can improve your investment potential, click the link and we’ll send you your investor package.

Offering Memorandum

Offering Memorandum for Non-Qualifying Issuers

Investors can learn about the Tri City Group offering memorandum. If you want answer to the specifics, read more here.

Subscription Agreement

From Tri City Fund Management Ltd.

Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust Subscription Agreement and power of attorney document, to learn more, read our PDF now.

About Tri City Group

We provide superior yields

Tri City Group has been a mortgage lender and land holder in Western Canada since the 1960s, and is an intergenerational family business.

50-year history of success

in real estate lending and investing

Mortgage lenders, developers and landholders in Western Canada since the 1960’s

Current Loan to Value Ratio
*As of Jan 2019
for the Tri City Group
Monthly Income Mortgage

For 50 Years

we have enjoyed steady returns

from funding short-term residential mortgages

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