Our focus is on security.
Everything else is just icing on the cake.

Our experienced, conservative approach ensures security and reduces volatility. The manager of Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust carefully selects every mortgage, and the property behind it. The Trust Manager has in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate development, investing, and lending, and adheres to practices that have been a hallmark of the Tri City Group and key to its success for more than 50 years of corporate history.

The Tri City Group Approach.

“My father’s wisdom has proven itself to be true, time and again. In 2008, when the stock market crashed, our friends’ and family’s money was safely invested in mortgages and still providing us with steady returns. Myself along with our trust managers are veterans of the interrelated mortgage, banking and real estate industries and have personally invested in both mortgage Trusts. As such, our interests are fully aligned with those of the investors. My personal holding company has invested over one million dollars in this Trust. The Trust is uniquely constructed so that the more conservative Preferred P Unitholders receive their returns before me and the other A Unitholders.

Evaluated on an individual basis and guided by our conservative approach to lending, we are funding about 1 in 8 mortgage proposals submitted. Safer mortgages with smaller returns take precedent over riskier ones with potentially higher returns. All loans are short-term, normally one year in duration, enabling us to reset rates as the market moves. That is the way my father did it and that is the way we do it today.”

– Michael Goodman, CEO, Chairman and Owner of Tri City Group

The advantage of the fund is that the Managers are committed to investing in every approved mortgage. With a substantial amount of their own money along with their close relations. In fact, the fund was set up to manage the Goodman’s family money as they believe mortgage investing is the highest yield, lowest risk, sensible investment choice of an asset class. In each mortgage selected, they in effect are investing right alongside the investors. 

Our Managers are committed
to investing in every approved mortgage

lower volatility and risk than the stock market.

Michael Goodman