Predictable Income

We prioritize your income before ours. It’s one of the factors that makes our Trust different.

Given that mortgages are a contract to pay, this results in a consistent distribution of high yield income paid monthly.  And if one chooses the preferred units, they will receive their distributions before management as they are all invested in common units.  In effect investors, success is tied to management.  If investors choose common units they receive their income pari passu with the management’s investment.  Note not all classes of shares receive the same distributions.  Speak to a dealing representative from Harbour Park Capital Partners to gain an understanding of how different classes of units work and receive distributions from the pool of mortgages.

We invest our capital alongside yours.

One of the companies in Tri City Group, Michael Goodman’s personal holding company, Tri City Capital Corp., has invested $1 million.

RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

Our mortgage trust is 100% RRSP-, RRIF-, LIRA-, RESP- and TFSA-eligible. Outside of a registered fund, distributions are received as interest income for tax purposes.

The added advantage of the fund is that the Managers are committed to investing in every approved mortgage in an amount equal to 20% of the first $15 million raised.

This ensures the principals of Tri City have a personal equity stake in the offering, and the loan-to-value ratio of each mortgage is effectively reduced from a maximum of 75% to 60%. Investors also receive preference over Managers on distributions and payments.

Our Managers are committed
to investing in every approved mortgage

lower volatility and risk than the stock market.

Michael GoodmanPredictable Income