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To meet with us or for more information regarding the benefits of mortgage investment or for answers to specific questions about what Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust is offering, please feel free to contact our Exempt Market Dealer. Harbour Park Captial Partners will be happy to provide the information to help you assess if investing in the Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust is a good match for your personal Investment goals.

To arrange an in person appointment or a teleconference, please contact:

Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd 

Suniel Dardi – Dealing Representative
Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.
Cell: 604.368.4526

Barbara Janzen – Dealing Representative
Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.
Cell: 604.360.0829

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Tri City Group Fund Highlights

We work to make your money start effectively working for you.

Higher Yields

A proven strategy of carefully selected mortgages backed up by real assets that leads to higher yields that outpace other investments.

Strategic Security

Our experienced, conservative approach ensures security and reduces volatility.

Sensible Diversification

A strict focus on sensible gains and consistent small wins from many lower-risk mortgages versus bigger, riskier bets.

Predictable Income

Given that mortgages are a contract to pay, this results in a consistent distributions of high yield income paid monthly.

RRIF/RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

Approved for tax-advantaged investing in all Canadian registered accounts, including RRSP, TFSA, RESP and RRIF.

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