Higher Yields

Our Trusts are backed by the best mortgages. Because why choose anything else?

At Tri City Group, we employ a proven strategy of carefully selected mortgages backed up by real assets.

Typically, just one in eight loans reviewed is funded.

Our team of proven and experience managers carefully select every mortgage, and the property behind it. The Trust Manager has in-depth knowledge and experience in real estate development, investing, and lending, and adheres to practices that have been a hallmark of the Tri City Group and key to its success for more than 50 years of corporate history.

We’re strategic about who we lend to.

The Trust itself is an equity-based lender and, as such, has higher interest rates than those of traditional banks. Borrowers are able to justify the higher cost of borrowing because of the efficient approval process and simple guidelines. In some cases, they may be acquiring real estate needing short-term improvement to increase its value before it can either be resold or refinanced. Their credit may be impacted for short periods due to immigration status or other factors, or they may be self-employed, pushing them out of major bank guidelines. In most cases, the Trust assists the borrower to come within these guidelines, qualifying them for traditional financing. Management uses common sense and looks at the quick-sale value of real estate that it lends on and sets the loan amount based on the borrower’s equity in the property, their ability to pay, their net worth, their debt coverage and an exit strategy. Borrowers with more equity in their property provide greater security than borrowers who appear to have stronger credit but less equity.

Our Managers are committed
to investing in every approved mortgage

lower volatility and risk than the stock market.

Michael GoodmanHigher Yields