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Do you want to invest your money the smart way? The Tri City Group Monthly Income Mortgage Trust is a new opportunity for a number of investors to participate in the residential, commercial, and industrial mortgage markets of Western Canada. The fund invests in a pool of carefully-selected, diversified mortgages. The objective of the fund is to earn investors a consistent distribution of income, paid monthly, with the goal of preserving underlying capital.

The fund offers an alternative to equity and fixed-income investments while providing portfolio exposure to mortgage markets that were once available only to large institutions and pension funds. By pooling funds in a mutual fund trust, The trusts can invest in different types and sizes of mortgages across different sectors and markets, thereby increasing returns and reducing risk.

Our Managers are Committed

to Investing in Every Approved Mortgage

lower volatility and risk than the stock market.

Tri City Group Fund Highlights

We work to make your money start effectively working for you.

Higher Yields

A proven strategy of carefully selected mortgages backed up by real assets that leads to higher yields that outpace other investments.

Strategic Security

Our experienced, conservative approach ensures security and reduces volatility.

Sensible Diversification

A strict focus on sensible gains and consistent small wins from many lower-risk mortgages versus bigger, riskier bets.

Predictable Income

Given that mortgages are a contract to pay, this results in a consistent distributions of high yield income paid monthly.

RRIF/RRSP/TFSA Eligibility

Approved for tax-advantaged investing in all Canadian registered accounts, including RRSP, TFSA, RESP and RRIF.

Investing in the Tri City Monthly Income Mortgage Trust

On February 15, 2018, the BC Securities Commission changed the rules we have been operating under and decreed that no one in the Province could sell investment units without going through an Exempt Market Dealer. Thus, the Tri City Group formed such a dealer, and set up Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd. to represent the selling and educational side of the investment. If you want further information on the investment please fill in the form below.


Suniel Dardi – Dealing Representative
Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.
Cell: 604.368.4526

Barbara Janzen – Dealing Representative
Harbour Park Capital Partners Ltd.
Cell: 604.360.0829

Minimum contribution

The minimum contribution is $10,000. Units are sold in increments of 10 units at $1,000 per unit. We accept bank drafts and certified cheques.

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